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Youth Ministry / Children's Ministry


Established position in our active bible-based Anglican/Methodist partnership. We need a person who can continue and develop our current ministry; but we are also looking for the post-holder to launch new outreach initiatives.

About the Role

This is an exciting time within our churches as we consider the next stage in our Youth and Children’s work development, seeking to build on the ministry of the last 12 years. We have a firm vision of what we want to achieve, and there is much good work already up and running but we are looking for someone who is going to bring new ideas and strengths to our work. If you have the vision, commitment, passion for mission and evangelism, and a heart for young people then this could be the ideal post for you. You will receive the support of welcoming churches with plenty of people already willing to help in various roles. Can you be the missing link we are looking for?

A further document of background information, and more information about our churches, is also available on  The ‘youth and children’s work’ tab of our website takes you to a video produced 18 months ago by our previous worker.

If you want to know more phone the Rev Andrew Dawswell on 01782 619594


There is a 3-fold vision for this post:

  • Discipleship of 11-18’s who are already part of the church family
  • Continuing outreach initiatives for 7-11’s
  • Pioneer work with age 11-18             

Job details

The aim of this work will be to develop an appropriate professional relationship with 11-18’s in either a school or a community setting, with the aim of drawing some into appropriate church based activities/events/clubs (such as the Blaze club for 11-14’s that we have run since Sept 2015), and the eventual goal of introducing some to lifelong Christian commitment. 

Discipleship of 11-18’s who are already part of the church family

  • The post-holder will lead our weekly 14-16’s study/activity group which currently has 4 regular members. We are hoping that here will be the potential not only to continue to teach the faith to them, but to further develop their gifts and ministries within the church and community.
  • The post-holder will also be a member of the leadership team for our Sunday morning ministry to 11-14’s
  • Work with the Vicar, Minister and worship committee to develop ways in which young people (and children too) can participate in different ways in the main church services
  • Developing worship in different forms, as appropriate, whilst maintaining a firm commitment to the biblical grounding of the Christian faith
  • Building relationships with church families to help develop the pastoral care of our young people, including visiting their homes, coffee shop gatherings, arranging trips out etc.
  • Working with other local churches, including being part of  the Newcastle Youth event planning team – for the last 5 years they have organised an ecumenical event for 11+, either yearly, or sometimes even each term.

Continuing outreach initiatives for 7-11’s

We will also expect the post-holder to be confident working with this age range, working alongside existing teams in leading and developing

  • Regular assemblies in local primary schools
  • Two after-school clubs – one in a local school, one in church premises,
  • An Annual summer Holiday Club

Pioneer work with age 11-18’s

We are open to new ideas and projects that might serve as a bridge between this age group and the church, There also appears to be a continuing welcome in the 2 nearest secondary schools for a church youth worker to make a contribution to their life, perhaps by offering a specific skill. We’d hope that this might possibly in time lead to invitations to make a contribution to RE lessons or assemblies.
(For a post-holder with an interest or experience in detached work this could be one possible style of ministry too, as many 11-14’s gravitate to our church buildings and the adjacent large grassed square as some church members have expressed an interest in this kind of work)


Person specification

We are looking for a person who:


1.    Is a practicing Christian who is committed to a biblical faith,  has a regular prayer life, and is in good standing with the local church and wider community

2.    Is capable of publicly speaking to children and young people about the Christian faith

3.    Is proficient in forming ongoing professional relationships with children and young people, and also able to relate well to the adults they will encounter e.g. as parents/carers, or those who support the post by their prayer/giving

4.    Is capable of working alongside a youth and children’s work team, arranging appropriate training, and recruiting and developing new leaders and helpers.

5.    Is willing to work unsociable hours (a regular working week will include ministry in evenings and Sundays; and we also envisage trips out and residentials being included in the programme)

6.    Is extremely reliable

7.    Is self-motivated and can work independently, from an office in St Peter’s church complex

8.    Is capable of independent transport in the South Newcastle locality 

9.    Basic ICT Capabilities

10. Is willing to live within 15 minutes travelling time to the Westlands (or to relocate within a few months of starting the post)

11. Flexibility and willingness to learn, to try out new ideas and types of ministry, and to participate in appropriate continuing ministerial/professional development

The post-holder will be expected to become part of our worshipping community, getting to know members of both churches. We will endeavour to find a working pattern to develop which enables him/her to both give and receive ministry.


1.    Has at least 3 years experience in youth and community work and/or a relevant qualification  (e.g. in Youth and Community Work, or a church based youth work qualification)

2.    Has experience of working in schools

3.    Has the Experience or Potential of using ICT skills in ministry

  • Ideally we would like to appoint a candidate with significant maturity and experience in this area of ministry, to take a significant responsibility for co-ordination and strategy.
  • We are however also open to candidates at an earlier stage in their professional development - For example, someone who’d successfully completed a year’s ministry apprenticeship which included quite a bit of youth and children’s work or possibly someone just graduating in another subject who’d used their university holidays to gain significant experience in youth and children’s work
  • We expect the candidate’s strengths and passions to impact significantly on how this 3-fold vision is carried out, utilising their unique gifts, talents and skills (eg music ministry, drama, sport, film-making, preaching, etc)



The post is a full time 37.5 hours per week - though also open to a part time appointee who was able to offer 20 or more hours per week (salary being adjusted pro rata);

We’d envisage paying a full time appointee with a degree/diploma in youth and children’s work £22,000, with a similar figure envisaged for those who instead bring  extensive experience in the field. A youth and children’s work graduate with 3 or more years subsequent experience would be offered £23,000

We are also open to considering candidates without qualifications and with more limited relevant experience. A previous post holder studied for the Cliff College diploma in youth ministry while working for us  - completing it to degree level with a subsequent employer. If it was decided that a similar route were appropriate for our new appointee, we’d envisage offering £15,000 plus £3,000 course fees – which would enable you to get a vocational diploma or degree without incurring further debt.

The post-holder will be auto enrolled into a pension scheme which is funded by 4% by the post holder and 4% by the church, although it is possible to opt out of this.

This is a 3 year position with opportunity for renewal.


Further Questions and Application Process

To find out more, or if you want to express a definite interest in the position, please contact Andrew Dawswell, vicar of St Andrew’s on 01782 619594  (If you’re struggling to catch him, do email leaving your phone number)

More details – and a video about our youth and children’s ministry made in 2015 can be downloaded from