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Come and spend a year or two with a dynamic team of churches, gaining training and experience to help you prepare for a lifetime of Christian Ministry.

About the Role

  • We are looking for volunteers who are committed evangelical Christians*, to help with the Biblical and Gospel ministry of the Parish of Morden, whilst learning about Christian ministry themselves.
  • This would suit a new or recent graduate, with a servant heart, considering full-time Christian work or seeking to do church ministry before another job.
  • The post will include practical ministry, opportunities to lead and speak as appropriate, and training (the Cornhill course is easily accessible from Morden).
  • The post is for one or two years starting September 2017, including a three month probationary period.

*We expect the applicant to agree with GAFCON’s Jerusalem Declaration (see below)

Morden Parish Team

  • “Helping the Parish of Morden to know Jesus."
  • We are a team of four Evangelical Church of England Churches in the South-West London suburb of Morden. There are 32,000 people in our parish, with quite a diverse mix. There are great public transport links to Central London.
  • As a team, we aim to bring glory to God by resourcing our four Churches to help people to:
    • “Know ” – Jesus and his love and salvation for themselves;
    • “Grow ” – in Jesus, and be transformed by His Spirit; and 
    • “Go” – to serve Christ locally, nationally and globally.
  • You can find out much more about us at

1. We will be appointing one or two trainees, and our situation is quite different to the big student churches. However, we’re just as serious about getting the Gospel to people, the harvest is just as plentiful here, and the need for workers just as great. A ministry trainee who is prepared to get his or her ‘hands dirty’ will have a rewarding time here, God willing, preparing them for wider future opportunities, and we are committed to providing all the support he or she will need.

2. Each ministry trainee will be based at a specific Church, with ministry opportunities focussed at that church and some ‘central’ opportunities as well.

Ministry Opportunities

The following are possibilities, which will be tailored to a trainee’s gifts. We hope a trainee will have a willingness to be flexible and serve wholeheartedly in all sorts of tasks, in order to learn the most about ministry.


  • Regular meeting with Vicar / Mentor
  • Participation in a Biblically-based training scheme. We would be happy to have a Cornhill Course participant.
  • On-the-job training in ministry.
  • Membership of a homegroup / attendance at central midweek meetings

Youth & Childrens Work

  • Leading &/or helping at groups for children in the age range 0-18 years.
  • Possible involvement with assemblies, classroom work at local Schools
  • Leading on Summer Holiday Club
  • Involvement with Pathfinder or CYFA Venture (
  • Pastoral work with teenagers (same gender or mixed groups only)

Men’s / Women’s Ministry (as applicable)

  • Working with other men / women in the church to support and encourage them.

Other Practical Service?

  • help others with setting up & clearing away for midweek activities (Children & Teenagers, Toddlers group, Old people’s club...)
  • involvement in ministry on Sundays (one or more of creche, Sunday School, coffee, sound, bible reading, intercessions, music group, assisting wardens, etc)
  • help in lots of other practical ways!


  • The post is voluntary. Excellent modern accommodation will be provided, with electricity / gas / water bills met by the church. If two trainees are appointed, they will share this accommodation. Travel expenses, phone bills, cost of stationery and entertaining incurred in relation to the post will be fully met by the church. You will receive a grant towards your living costs.
  • One guaranteed day off per week.
  • Annual leave: 36 days, including 6 Sundays. There are some limitations as to when this may be taken.
  • The Parish of Morden is committed to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, and the trainee will be subject to appropriate checks, at our expense.
  • The Team Rector will be responsible for the supervision of the trainees, in consultation with the Parish Wardens and Team Vicars, and an appropriate mentor. The trainees are accountable to the Parochial Church Council

If you are interested

Contact the Team Rector for an application form:

David Heath-Whyte,
(0208 648 3920, 07951 666335)
The Rectory, London Road, Morden, SM4 5QT

GAFCON’s Jerusalem Declaration

In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit:

We express our loyalty as disciples to the King of kings, the Lord Jesus. We joyfully embrace his command to proclaim the reality of his kingdom. The gospel of the kingdom is the good news of salvation, liberation and transformation for all. In light of the above, we agree to chart a way forward together that promotes and protects the biblical gospel and mission to the world, solemnly declaring the following tenets of orthodoxy which underpin our Anglican identity.

1.     We rejoice in the gospel of God through which we have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Because God first loved us, we love him and as believers bring forth fruits of love, ongoing repentance, lively hope and thanksgiving to God in all things.

2.     We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the Word of God written and to contain all things necessary for salvation. The Bible is to be translated, read, preached, taught and obeyed in its plain and canonical sense, respectful of the church’s historic and consensual reading.

3.     We uphold the four Ecumenical Councils and the three historic Creeds as expressing the rule of faith of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church.

4.     We uphold the Thirty-nine Articles as containing the true doctrine of the Church agreeing with God’s Word and as authoritative for Anglicans today.

5.     We gladly proclaim and submit to the unique and universal Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, humanity’s only Saviour from sin, judgement and hell, who lived the life we could not live and died the death that we deserve. By his atoning death and glorious resurrection, he secured the redemption of all who come to him in repentance and faith.

6.     We rejoice in our Anglican sacramental and liturgical heritage as an expression of the gospel, and we uphold the 1662 Book of Common Prayer as a true and authoritative standard of worship and prayer, to be translated and locally adapted for each culture.

7.     We recognise that God has called and gifted bishops, priests and deacons in historic succession to equip all the people of God for their ministry in the world. We uphold the classic Anglican Ordinal as an authoritative standard of clerical orders.

8.     We acknowledge God’s creation of humankind as male and female and the unchangeable standard of Christian marriage between one man and one woman as the proper place for sexual intimacy and the basis of the family. We repent of our failures to maintain this standard and call for a renewed commitment to lifelong fidelity in marriage and abstinence for those who are not married.

9.     We gladly accept the Great Commission of the risen Lord to make disciples of all nations, to seek those who do not know Christ and to baptise, teach and bring new believers to maturity.

10.  We are mindful of our responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation, to uphold and advocate justice in society, and to seek relief and empowerment of the poor and needy.

11.  We are committed to the unity of all those who know and love Christ and to building authentic ecumenical relationships. We recognise the orders and jurisdiction of those Anglicans who uphold orthodox faith and practice, and we encourage them to join us in this declaration.

12.  We celebrate the God-given diversity among us which enriches our global fellowship, and we acknowledge freedom in secondary matters. We pledge to work together to seek the mind of Christ on issues that divide us.

13.  We reject the authority of those churches and leaders who have denied the orthodox faith in word or deed. We pray for them and call on them to repent and return to the Lord.

14.  We rejoice at the prospect of Jesus’ coming again in glory, and while we await this final event of history, we praise him for the way he builds up his church through his Spirit by miraculously changing lives.