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St. Ebbe’s Church is seeking to appoint a godly Christian man or women to be apprenticed to our adolescent ministry to 11-18 year olds.

About the Role

St Ebbe’s is an Anglican evangelical church in the heart of Oxford, flawed but growing. Over 1200 meet regularly across four congregations on a Sunday. It has a wider variety of different ministries, but each one committed to seeking to Reach Out with the Gospel to unbelievers, to Build Up Christians through the teaching of the Bible, and to Send Out workers for Christ in His harvest field.


Apprenticeship Scheme

Our hope is that the scheme will be used to strengthen individuals in their identity as Christian men and women, and in their ability to serve Christ in the local church.  We pray that as apprentices spend one or two years on the staff team, they will grow in three areas that will equip them to serve the wider church in the future, and may help some decide whether set-apart gospel ministry is something they might pursue.

  • Our first hope is that the apprenticeship will help these young Christian men and women grow in Christ-like character, through serving practically, by being part of the team and through the personal oversight of their ministry supervisor.
  • Secondly, we long that the Lord uses the apprenticeship scheme to help them develop strong gospel convictions that will stand them in good stead for a lifetime of service.
  • Third, it is so encouraging to see apprentices move on having become more competent in teaching God’s word, through the opportunities they have had to teach others and the feedback they have received.


What is distinctive about the St Ebbe’s Apprenticeship Scheme?

Opportunities to teach the Bible, to share life, to be trained in ministry and be shaped by service are common to most apprentice schemes.  However, each scheme is different and coming to be an apprentice at St Ebbe’s will give you a distinctive experience in the following ways:

  • Being a member of a city centre church with multiple ministries and multiple congregations.
  • We seek to offer a rounded apprenticeship, offering equal opportunity for training, practical service, and ministry.
  • Being a member of a large apprentice and wider staff team.
  • Gaining hands-on experience of a range of ministries across the church family whilst focussing on a particular ministry area.
  • Benefitting from the South Central Ministry Training Course and sharing with others in apprenticeships in the region.
  • Enjoying the unique place that St Ebbe’s has in the historic and vibrant city of Oxford.


Key Tasks and Responsibilities for Youth Apprentice 

Besides the apprenticeship training outlined the youth apprentice will receive specific youth ministry training from Ian Fry the Associate Minister for Families and former Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry at Oak Hill College.

They will be involved with all our youth work (i.e. 11-18 year olds), in particular the Pathfinder group on a Sunday, 0X1 (our midweek group for 11-14 year olds in the parish) and Impact (our Friday group for 14-18 year olds).


In the 1st Year this will involve

  • Being trained to teach across the adolescent age range.
  • Being trained to think about biblical youth ministry.
  • Serving the partnership between parents and the church in the discipling of the young people.
  • Helping with organisational and administrative tasks related to the youth ministry.


And if continuing in following years

  • Taking increasing responsibility for teaching programmes.
  • Being trained in one to one discipleship with individuals.
  • Becoming increasingly familiar with safeguarding issues.
  • Expanding ministry to work in local secondary schools as part of The Oxford Schools chaplaincy – the local schools work initiative.
  • Encouraging participation in summer camps.


We would also expect him/her to be a committed member of St. Ebbe’s, participating in staff meetings, and playing a full part in church life.


The kind of person we are looking for 

  • A prayerful, godly Christian, with clear evangelical convictions, able to sign our Statement of Faith.
  • Someone with a heart for young people.
  • Someone willing to develop teaching gifts in the context of youth ministry.
  • Those with a willingness to serve Christ’s church in a variety of ways (including apparently mundane tasks).

What are the next steps?

Contact Ian Fry in the first instance at


Some Further Details

  • The apprentice ‘year’ starts on Tuesday 29th August 2017 (TBC) and ends on Sunday 22nd July 2018 (unless continuing for a second year).
  • As an apprentice you will be provided with free accommodation.  You will also be eligible to apply to the Friends of St Ebbe’s Trust for a grant of £500 per month to cover your other living costs whilst working for St Ebbe’s Church.
  • We ask that you raise £3,000 towards St Ebbe’s costs of your apprenticeship.  This is a really helpful way of getting other people involved, supporting and praying for you.  You should aim to have a large portion of this in place or promised before starting in August 2017.
  • You will get 2 weeks off at Christmas and another 2 weeks around Easter, plus 1 day a week off and an extra day off in each of the 3 terms of the year.
  • We will pay for you to attend the 9:38 Ministry Trainee conference in January 2018 and you will also attend the weekly South Central Ministry Training Course.