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St Giles’ is always looking for the right person to come and learn to serve the Lord alongside the staff and congregation. Who do you know who would like to do that? Put them in touch with St Giles’!

About the Role

The 9:38 scheme is for Christians with evangelical convictions who want to pursue some training in Bible teaching ministry. No particular academic qualifications are necessary but at St Giles' we would usually expect to appoint someone who was graduate age or above.

  • The Ministry Trainee Scheme could benefit all kinds of Christians, however our priority is to train people who are hoping to serve in teaching, training or leadership positions of various kinds in local churches.
  • The Ministry Trainee Scheme runs for 1 or 2 years (with our preference being 2)

The Ministry Trainee Scheme at St Giles' has 3 parts:

1. Ministry Experience

Throughout the year Ministry Trainees are given a taste of various ministry tasks: working with youth and children, young adults, the elderly, families and enquirers. Each Ministry Trainee has one or two areas of particular focus depending on their gifts and training needs.

While having contact with and receiving support from all members of the staff team, Ministry Trainees have a specific Supervisor from the staff who meets with them weekly to help plan their work and to provide monthly reviews.

St Giles' is a church family and we want Ministry Trainees to fully take part in that family. We believe that this is the main context for their ministry and growth.

2. Service

Ministry Trainees also help the ministry of the church in various administrative tasks outside their specific ministry areas. This could include helping with crèche, office work, audio visual support and other tasks. It would not normally occupy more than 8 hours per week.

3. Training

  • Midlands Ministry Training Course
    Ministry Trainees spend one day per week (Thursday) attending the Midlands Ministry Training Course in Nottingham. The course is designed to help people handle God’s Word properly and equip them for teaching and pastoral ministry. It runs for three terms a year. Alongside time spent studying the Bible,Theology and Ministry there are also opportunities for practical experience in preparing and giving short expositional talks and Bible studies.
  • Study Projects
    Ministry Trainees also complete 3 Study Projects over the course of a year. These cover a variety of Biblical and Doctrinal topics. The study projects are encouraging and stretching with reading set by a staff member and time at the end for discussion with others.
  • Conferences
    Ministry Trainees attend the annual 9.38 Ministry Trainee Conference and may attend other conferences at the discretion of the Vicar.

Funding and Accommodation

For details about funding provision and accommodation please contact Neil Barber.


If you would like to know more please contact Neil Barber, 16 Browning Street,
Normanton, DERBY, DE23 8DN (01332 767483)

“Ask the Lord of the
harvest, therefore, to
send out workers into his
harvest field.”
Matthew 9:38