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We are looking for a Ministry Trainee to join us at St Nicholas Tooting.

About the Role

St Nicholas is a multi-cultural church which welcomes all people – those who are wanting to find out who Jesus really is, as well as those who count themselves as Christians.

Ministry Trainee Opportunity

We are looking for a Ministry Trainee to join us at St Nicholas Tooting, with the opportunity to do some formal Word ministry training.

We are looking to appoint someone:

  • Testing out the possibility of future Word ministry
  • Keen to do some training in the context of servant hearted ministry in a multicultural, inner urban local church / area

This would be an excellent training opportunity for people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, given the make up of our church and area. The most significant criteria will be an individual's discipleship, attitude & gifts but we are particularly keen to encourage people from different backgrounds into Word and prayer ministry here at St Nicholas, both now and in the future.

The work is many and varied! It would involve work with children/young people, practical work around the church, some preaching and leading of services, and a variety of other tasks too. Our aim is for it to provide an accurate and good reflection of ministry life.


Start September 2017


The rough package we are proposing is as follows:

  • £7,000 a year income
  • Accommodation
  • Basic utilities
  • Expenses


For further details, please contact us at

Closing date is 31st May 2017