Ministry Trainee Programme 2017

The 2017 Ministry Trainee Conference is now over. We will be running it again on the 2nd-4th January 2018 at High Leigh Conference Centre so please look out for further details. Below, you can see what we did in 2017 to give you an idea of what the conference is like.

Teaching Skills Groups

Each trainee will be in a small group which will meet a number of times throughout the conference. Each trainee will give a short talk on a specified Bible passage, which relates to the topic of the conference. They will then receive feedback from the leader of the group (who will be trained and in full-time gospel ministry) and the rest of the group. The aim is to sharpen our Bible handling and teaching skills, whilst learning from God's word.

For some, this may seem like a scary prospect, or inconvenient at a busy time of year. But this part of the conference is consistently quoted as being the most useful, even for those who are regularly involved in this type of workshop at a regional ministry training course.