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Up to 3 year full-time ministry training programme at a thriving church in west London. Training is a mixture of in-house small groups and the Cornhill Training Course.

About the Role

The world desperately needs to hear God’s word through men and women who are passionate to hear and teach the Bible.

The Associate Scheme aims to raise up, under God, the next generation of Bible teachers. We need men and women who desire to be trained to handle the Bible carefully, to teach it boldly, and to grow in godliness and conviction as they do so. Our prayer is that Associates will be equipped to teach God’s word for the good of the wider church across the world.

Alongside training, each associate will be attached to a ministry team that suits your gifts and pathway towards full-time paid ministry. Opportunities exist among students, workers, music, families and children & youth. Responsibilities include being involved in Bible teaching and being part of a ministry team, which includes attending team meetings where we plan for and pray for the work together.

Three aspects of Associate training

1. Bible handling

Partnering with the Cornhill Training Course in London, Associates will receive a solid foundation, covering Bible books and Biblical theology, as well as some doctrine and other aspects of Christian ministry. Associates will also be trained inhouse at CCK in small, supervised group discussions which aim to stretch you with a bespoke program that is tailored to each year group. This approach allows for critical thinking skills to be developed while studying specific Bible books in depth, and applying it to ourselves before teaching it to others.

2. Bible teaching opportunities

Each Associate, depending on their gifts and experience, will have a range of teaching opportunities: leading a small group, reading the Bible one-toone, giving talks, teaching youth, and leading small group leader training.

3. Operational training

Serving practically is a key part of helping any church support the range of Bible teaching ministries it undertakes. Future full-time church workers will benefit from understanding the operations of behind-the-scenes church life. Operational roles for Associates include ministry team admin, setting up the building, catering for small group evenings and helping with crèche.


Christ Church has been blessed with an experienced and well-equipped staff team, which means that you will be mentored in a way that is tailored to your situation and gifts. You can expect us to provide you with:

Training mentor

Oversees your personal journey as a Bible student and teacher.

Ministry supervisor

Most likely the ministry team leader, who will help you to serve your team well.

Operational co-ordinator

Who will provide you with instructions on serving the church in practical ways.

How to Apply

Download a form from our website. You can train as an Associate for up to three years, but the length is flexible depending on each Associate’s gifts and circumstances. Email us to find out more.

Further information from Christ Church Kensington