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St Helen's Ministry Training: A one–three year programme designed to train full-time Bible teachers, who will faithfully and ably teach God's word to God's world.

About St Helen's Bishopsgate

St Helen’s Bishopsgate is a large, thriving church in the centre of London committed to the glory of God and the advance of his kingdom. God says that he grows his church and achieves his purposes through his word, so our focus is on faithfully and prayerfully teaching and responding to his word in every setting – including Sunday and midweek services, small groups and individual discipling.

We have many different ministries aimed at different groups of people in different settings, but we focus particularly on students, young workers in their 20s and 30s, those working in our vicinity, and internationals studying or working in London. In every ministry our goal is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to those who don’t yet know him and to help those who do love him to become mature disciples who can disciple others.

The nature of central London means we have a huge number of opportunities for fruitful gospel ministry and need many more people committed to this work if we are to take advantage of even a fraction of them.

About the Role

One of our greatest passions as a church is to grow the next generation of servant leaders who will faithfully and ably teach God's word. We have been seeking to train people for this task for many years in a number of ways, but in August 2018 we launched our new Ministry Training programme. 

St Helen’s Ministry Training is a 1-3 year programme designed to prepare men and women for lifelong Bible teaching ministry, whether as church leaders, student workers, youth workers or women’s workers.  Trainees divide their time between Bible-training and preparation, ministry experience based within one of the ministry teams, and practical service.

The distinct emphasis of the programme is our singular focus on equipping our trainees to understand the Bible for themselves so that they might teach it well. Of course, there is nothing unique about our desire to be biblical in our approach to training. However, we believe that our overall training package – half of which is delivered through PT Cornhill, and half through in-house Bible-handling seminars – offers a unique opportunity for deep and sustained engagement with the text of Scripture itself. We are convinced that God works through his word, and so we think that working hard at this foundation is the best possible preparation for Bible-teaching ministry. 

Our training is intended to be demanding. That’s because we’re not simply trying to impart information or skills, but rather deep convictions and instincts. We want to equip trainees for a lifetime of feeding themselves and their congregations with the powerful word of God. Our hope is that trainees don’t merely adopt “the St Helen’s line” on a particular topic, but that they learn to dig deeply into Scripture for themselves so that they might find answers from God. We pray that they would learn to think critically and biblically, so that they can answer the questions of tomorrow as well as those of today. To that end we aim to develop the convictions and attitudes that will keep trainees growing and being reformed by God’s word long after they have left us.

St Helen’s Ministry Training will suit a range of people, from new graduates to those further along who may already have spent some time as an apprentice, benefited from theological training or worked for a few years. Some of our trainees are firmly committed to a lifetime of Bible-teaching ministry; others will be at a more exploratory stage. The flexibility of the programme means we can cater to, and appropriately stretch, a wide range of individuals.  We are keen to train people regardless of denomination, as long as they are committed to the Bible as the word of God.

Key Dates

Interviews for August 2019 will begin in November 2018. Deadline for applications is 28th February 2019.

How to Apply

To find out more about the ministry opportunities and training we provide, or to download an application form, please see our website.

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