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Youth Minister In Training

Youth Ministry


The position is a Youth Minister in Training. It is aimed to train a candidate to be better equipped and more experienced to lead a Youth Ministry. This will be done by assisting spiritual development, coaching and on the job training in shaping and supporting the work of our current Youth Worker.

About St Mary's Maidenhead

St Mary’s is an evangelical Anglican church seeking to encourage each other to love and follow Jesus day by day. Our vision is to know Jesus and make Jesus known. Within that vision we have three essentials: dependent prayer, biblical teaching and loving one another. We also have three priorities: engaging Maidenhead with the gospel, growing mature disciples of Jesus of all ages and backgrounds, and partnering with other churches to make Jesus better known.

About the Role

This is a new training position seeking someone who desires to work in Youth Ministry and to receive further training for ministry whilst also gaining experience. The role is a fixed contract for three years whilst you complete training and the hope is that on completion of this role the successful applicant would be equipped to run a Youth Ministry either in Maidenhead or elsewhere in the world.

We are committed to caring for this person well: providing training, experience, and good financial support during the contract.


  • The Youth Minister in Training will complete a significant training scheme (likely at Crossland seminary). St Mary’s is committed to supporting them in this by both paying the course fees and providing sufficient time for assignments to be completed.
  • In addition, they will read one-to-one with the Youth Minister who will seek to mentor them throughout the programme as they study the Bible together and discuss and implement what they are studying.

Ministry Experience

  • They will work under the supervision of the Youth Minister and, alongside them will be involved in setting a vision, planning and delivering all aspects of the Youth Ministry at St Mary’s.
  • They will undertake some pastoral work with young people as appropriate
  • Develop gifting in Bible handling and teaching in appropriate contexts
  • Attend and assist in leading the two Youth Weekends Away
  • Be a full and active member of the staff team
  • Be a committed member of the church family

Specific Responsibilities

  • Lead one of the Pathfinder (11s-14s groups) on Sundays and a Youth Growth Group. In both cases, this will require producing/sourcing material to teach from and coordinating the leaders of those groups in conjunction with the Youth Minister.
  • Meeting to encourage and develop one of the volunteer leaders from those groups.
  • Co-lead the Friday evening youth groups (X and Shift Focus) weekly and speak occasionally.
  • Read one-to-one with a young person.
  • Develop an area of service outside of church (e.g. leading on a summer camp).

Person Specification

  • Godly, maturing believer in good standing in a local church
  • Committed to the work and mission of the local church
  • Proven track record/experience in ministry (ideally amongst young people)
  • Desire to work in Children’s/Youth ministry beyond this post
  • Must be able to set goals, take initiative and be willing to take on responsibilities
  • Must be teachable and eager to learn from others with a proven ability to take direction well.
  • Strong relational and social skills
  • Has completed a ministry training scheme
  • Potential, in time, to lead a team of volunteers.
  • Agreement with St Mary’s Vision and values
  • Competent IT Skills

Funding/Financial Information

Salary would be £14,000 to £17,000, dependent upon experience. There may be appropriate church housing available or it may be possible to provide a housing allowance. There will be a contribution towards a pension.

You woul receive six weeks (36 days) holiday, and leave to attend a relevant conference and to lead on a summer camp or similar.

How to Apply

If you’d like to apply for this role then please email John Blackbeard attaching a CV, a spiritual biography and the reasons why you are applying for this role.

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