About Us

Many more men and women are desperately needed to join in the effort to spread the gospel in this country and overseas. Over the last 20 years, 9:38 has helped to respond to this need by working with churches to encourage Christians (especially students and those in their 20s and 30s) to consider a lifetime in full-time gospel ministry.

  • 9:38 helps and encourages churches to set up ministry training schemes - 1 or 2 year placements for young Christians to test the water and receive some ministry training. Many of the schemes can be viewed here.
  • Hundreds of young men and women have attended 9:38 conferences to consider full-time ministry and to develop a ministry mind-set.
  • Recruitment and training has been placed higher up on the agenda at many churches.

Our ‘bread and butter' work is running conferences for Christians considering full-time gospel ministry. We run regional day conferences for undergraduate students, which have the wider aim of encouraging students to make gospel decisions whatever they end up doing after graduation, and one for workers, including postgraduates, which are generally but not exclusively, for those in their 20s or 30s. We also run a national conference for current ministry trainees, which aims to equip them for their current and future ministry and build up a peer group of young like-minded gospel workers.

We helped churches pioneer ministry training schemes, and now help churches set them up and recruit for them. These schemes aim to give a Ministry Trainee a taste of what full-time gospel ministry is like, offer the beginning of a theological education, and be a stepping stone into further, long-term ministry. 

You can find out more about what 9:38 believes here.