Who’s Who

by | 16 Mar, 2020


Fran Kirby

Following two years as a ministry trainee at Christ Church Cambridge, Fran spent seven years working in the charity sector honing her design skills. She is now a freelance graphic designer and is enjoying building up her portfolio at Towards the Sunrise. Her current projects include video and social media work for Affinity and designing conference materials for Biblical Counselling UK. She is married to Tom and they love spending time in the Peak District with their inexhaustible border collie. Fran is a 9:38 Trustee as well as the current Administrator. 


Orlando Saer

Orlando is our Chair of Trustees and the Senior Pastor of Christ Church Southampton. He is married to Libby and they have 4 children. He responded to the gospel as a teenager and was trained for ministry at Moore College Sydney. He has been involved in ministry in Anglican churches (in Sydney, London and Exeter), an independent church (in Cranleigh, Surrey) and now since 2011 an FIEC-affiliated church plant in Hampshire. He is Chair of Reach South (a church planting network on the South Coast) and is the author of Iron Sharpens Iron, Big God and Breath of Life.

Mark Murthen

Mark is originally from North London and very happy to be serving as Associate Vicar of St James Muswell Hill. He has previously worked in churches in Bolton (Greater Manchester) and West London, where he was a ministry trainee. Mark has worshipped in a variety of different churches and believes God has used those experiences to help him relate to different people. He is passionate about growing ethnic and socio-economic diversity in our churches and amongst those considering gospel ministry. He is husband to Lisa and father to two children who love his tandoori chicken and attempts to play various musical instruments.

Lizzy Smallwood

Lizzy spends her time being a Pastor’s wife, mum, & part time school teacher and Bible teacher at Women’s events at home and abroad. There was a rumour going around that she is an author but one chapter in one book probably doesn’t count…

She is married to Simon. They have three children: Sam, Ailie and Beatrice. For 23 years they were doing Gospel ministry in a church in Dagenham, Essex. But in the summer of 2019 that changed as Simon became the Pastor of a tiny Christian Community Church in Bodmin, Cornwall. Simon & Lizzy hope to be part of a small network of evangelical churches looking, by God’s grace, to re evangelize Cornwall.
At present her favorite way to relax is with a good book and a cup of tea. She may learn to surf and start painting again now she lives in Cornwall. However, no one is holding their breath…

Pete Snow

Pete is glad to be serving Jesus at St Paul’s Harringay in North London. Jesus Christ turned his life around when he was 17, and he is passionate about all sorts of people making the same discovery. Pete has been a ministry trainee, a pioneer church planter and has been a regular leader at 9:38 conferences. Pete is a husband, father and a fan of good salads.

Steering Group for Maximise Conference

Ralph Cunnington

Ralph is pastor of City Church Manchester. He is married to Anna and they have three children. Having previously lectured law for seven years he trained for pastoral ministry at WEST and Westminster Seminary London. Ralph is Director of the Northern Gospel Project, Chair of Crosslands and on the steering group of Pebble. He authored Preaching with Spiritual Power and Perfect Unity.

Lizzie Ling

Lizzie was a GP for many years, and worked in Southern Africa for over 10 years supporting local churches as they cared for those affected by HIV/AIDS. She is now the Associate Minister for Women at St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford and is a regular leader of trainee groups at 9:38 conferences. She loves new challenges, cooking and entertaining, and the company of good friends. 


Danny Rurlander

Danny is the Senior Pastor of Moorlands Church in Lancaster. He is married to Emma and they have four children. He trained at Moore Theological College in Sydney after which he served in a parish church in Merseyside for three years. He also teaches doctrine subjects on the North West Ministry Training Course in Leyland. Danny enjoys good coffee, child-friendly walks in the Lake District, and ticking things off to-do lists.

You can read Danny’s posts on the 9:38 blog.


9:38’s Staff, Trustees and Steering Group all subscribe to the UCCF doctrinal basis. 9:38 is a registered charity (charity number 1092881).