Book review: Workers for the Harvest Field

by | 1 Jun, 2017

At 9:38 we often talk about the real need there is in our country to raise up and send out more workers for the Lord’s harvest field. This is because In Matthew 9:36-38 Jesus looks around him and sees lots of people who need the gospel, acting like sheep without a shepherd. The problem is that there are not enough people to tell them that gospel! He tells them that they should be praying for “the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

As we look around our world today we see the same picture: people who are like helpless and harassed sheep without a shepherd. We too need to be committed to sending out more workers for the harvest field.

‘Workers for the Harvest Field’ is a book that aims to encourage just that. This book is great for those who are considering how they can be a part of the answer to this prayer. It does this by:

  • Explaining what “gospel ministry” is
  • Showing what characteristics are needed for someone who’s going into gospel ministry
  • Showing the variety of what gospel ministry can look like (for example women’s ministry, student ministry, overseas ministry, church planting etc.)
  • Giving practical guidance about what steps someone could take in exploring the idea of going into gospel ministry and their first steps in ministry

The benefit of this book is that each chapter is written by a different author, all of whom are in full-time ministry. This means that you get a wealth of experience, wisdom and expertise in various areas of gospel ministry. Authors include Roger Carswell, Vaughan Roberts, Richard Coekin, Christopher Ash, Carrie Sandom, Tim Chester and Chris Green.

This book feels like sitting down with wise, loving Christian elders and them taking you through what gospel ministry is all about. It is practical but firmly grounded in Scripture throughout.

We would recommend it to everyone, considering Jesus commands us all to be involved in praying for more workers to be sent out, but especially for those considering what type of gospel ministry they could be involved in.

feels like sitting down with wise, loving Christian elders and them taking you through what gospel ministry is all about

It is a brilliant starting point for those who have only just begun to think about this subject, but also is packed full of a big variety of topics so would be suitable for those who have already been thinking about gospel ministry for a while.

If you have missed one of our 9:38 conferences, or wish to continue your thinking with some holiday reading, this is the perfect book for you.

At the moment it’s a bargain at The Good Book Company at £4.24 for an e-book version.


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