Workers' Conference

When & where do workers' conferences happen?

We hosted a one regional conference for workers in Sheffield in November 2018. We hope to host future workers conferences in 2019/2020 – dates and venues will be released in due course. (You can sign up here to receive the latest news from 9:38, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.)

Who is the workers' conference for?

These conferences are for those in the workplace (including post-graduate) who would value the chance to consider full or part-time gospel work.  It is equally useful for both those who have had this possibility in their minds for many years, and for those who have only just started thinking these issues through.

It is not designed to pressure anyone into signing their lives away, but rather just to present the facts, give delegates an opportunity to discuss their futures with experienced gospel ministers, and apply biblical teaching to their lives. Delegates would then be encouraged to return to their churches for further consultation and prayer. 

Many delegates come away one step closer to deciding that full-time gospel ministry is not for them at the moment, and some begin taking steps towards it. This conference is ideal for those in their 20s and 30s, although still of great use to those who are older. Those who are retired are most welcome; so are postgraduate students. There is a conference especially for undergraduate students – the Student Conferences.

To back up our commitment to work in partnership with local churches, each delegate must have a recommendation from a church leader if at all possible. It would be well worth talking through your thoughts about full-time gospel ministry with your church leader before coming on the conference, and afterwards as you consult and pray with them to see if this is the right thing for you.

It's a big decision and this conference is designed to give you time and space to listen to God's work, think and ask questions of experienced gospel workers. Why not start by chatting to your church pastor to let them know this is something you're interested in, however tentatively? 

What happens on the workers' conference?

There are talks from the Bible, designed to exhort and encourage but also to clarify the nature of the gospel ministry and the nature of "calling" to gospel ministry. As well as these main talks, there are some seminars, interviews and prayer / discussion groups. These will be lead by experienced gospel workers. Both the Northern and the Southern Workers Conferences follow a similar programme. Take a look at the 2018 Southern Workers' programme here.

Note to church leaders

If you are a church leader and you are intending on sending a number of people from your church on the conference, you would be most welcome to come on the conference yourself, either as an ‘official' leader (one that looks after those from other churches as well as your own), or as a leader of those from your church. It can be a great chance to be away for the day, receive the teaching from the conference and to benefit from discussion about full-time gospel ministry. Many leaders find that they can have discussions on a 9:38 conference with those from their churches that they would not normally find time to have back ‘at home'.

Please  the 9:38 administrator, Fran Kirby, to chat through possibilities. Even if you cannot attend the conference yourself, please do consider sending us any in your congregation for whom this conference might be a great help. And be assured that your church members will be looked after by a great team of Bible-believing and -teaching leaders from across the country, and will probably be sent back to you with more questions than answers!