Getting Started

by | 26 Mar, 2020

Getting In

Go to /wp-admin/ to log in with your email address. Click ‘Forgot my password’ to get a new password sent to you.

 A quick look around

This video will give you an introduction to your new site, compared to the old.

Two Editing Experiences

For editing content, you can choose between two editing experiences. The first is using the built-in WordPress editor, nicknamed “Gutenberg”. This uses a block system to create pages, which you might find easier to use. The second, provided by Divi, allows for greater flexibility, different columns, and allows you to see the page as it will look with a visual builder.

 Editing with Built-in Editor

On any page, simply click the ‘Edit’ button in the top admin bar. You can then click on the page contents area to write text. See this tutorial for more info:

 Editing with Divi Visual Editor

The website uses something called Divi Visual Builder, which means you can edit the site in a visual way.  Here is a video tutorial on getting started:

Here is a tutorial if you prefer something written:

Generally speaking, you can log in, go to the page you’re after, click ‘Enable Visual Builder’, click on the section you want to edit, make your changes, then click ‘Save’.  I recommend having 2 tabs open – one on the edit screen and one on the regular page as it would be seen so you can refresh after each save and see the effect of your changes.


Images can be added through either interface, as shown in the videos above. You may want to change how they look by setting a ‘class’, as follows: