What is the accommodation like?

Clean, comfortable and spacious! For photos and more details, head over to High Leigh's website.

Will I have to share a room?

Some people will certainly need to share a room so that we can accommodate everyone. However, if this would cause difficulties for you, please let us know on your booking form. (Or if you forget, just .) Similarly, if you and your spouse are both attending, please let us know!

Who might I share a room with?

You may get a room of your own. But if you are sharing, we'll do our best to place you with someone from your church. 

Will my room be ensuite?

Probably! We have 101 ensuite rooms which can take up to 150 guests. We also have 16 single rooms which are non-ensuite (though fear not, they still come with both towels and wash basins). If you need an ensuite room for health reasons, please indicate that on your booking form. (Or us.)