A word to churches and pastors

9:38 wants to serve the local church. We partner with well over 200 churches across a range of churchmanships, right across England and Wales, urban and rural, small and large, but all united in the glorious gospel of Christ crucified, in a deep concern for our lost nation and in a keen desire to see many more gospel workers raised up to serve and shepherd and plant more churches.  

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We would love to encourage churches in their task of seeking out and nurturing the next generation of gospel workers. A few ways that might happen is through catalysing and promoting.


9:38 does not run apprenticeships or deliver a training scheme. It is not a local church or a denomination or network. Instead 9:38’s role is as a catalyst, helping to keep training up next generation on the agenda of local churches. We look to stimulate and resource the local church as she raises up the next generation of gospel workers.

Already, up and down the UK, many churches are working through to nurture, train and send out workers for the harvest field. Some of this is through 1-to-1 conversations. Some of this is through the normal diet of preaching, teaching and training of the whole church and different groups within it. 

9:38 would love to encourage this work through:

  • Supporting local church-based events to help people take a step forward in considering how to maximise their gospel ministry. Find out how we could help in these very important initiatives.
  • Blog and audio resources encouraging good thinking and conversations about raising up gospel workers, tackling defeater beliefs and particularly promoting the traineeship model. Some articles of particular interest to church leaders include: Raising up the next generation (Mark O'Donoghue), Raising up godly leaders (Mark Dever), Developing a training church (Danny Rurlander).
  • Advice on ‘How to start an apprenticeship scheme’ with up-to-date information on the financial aspects as well as guidance on aspects to consider in constructing a fit-for-purpose, biblical, wise, culturally-aware trainee scheme. We don’t have all the answers when it comes to setting up and running trainees schemes but we do have access to some expertise, guidance and case studies from churches that have worked through the issues involved. If your church would like advice on these matters please get in touch and we would love to chat, visit and link you up with others.
  • Books and booklets – including one encouraging pastors in their work of passing on the baton of gospel ministry and the other providing a very balanced and biblical guide for those weighing up the possibility of gospel ministry.



Another way that 9:38 seeks to serve the church is by promoting vacancies in gospel work. Most importantly we seek to connect churches keen to host a ministry trainee with those looking to be a ministry trainee. This website hosts a vacancies search engine which allows potential apprentices to find churches offering placements. We also run a Facebook page and Twitter account where we promote these opportunities for a small fee to cover our administration. 

We will continue to promote all ministry vacancies strongly but we will be particularly glad to promote and encourage positions (with a strong training component) in smaller churches, rural and small town settings and in church plants.

If you are interested in advertising your church vacancy with us please fill in the form or get in touch for more details.