Giving to 9:38

Our work only costs around £35,000 - £40,000 annually, almost all of which must be raised from donations. This enables us to employ an administrator to maintain the current work of 9:38 as well as pay for our core costs (conferences cover their own costs). We are grateful for the support of individuals and churches who already support our work although, in the current financial climate, certain supporters have not been able to carry on giving to 9:38. In the long term this will jeopardise our work but in the more immediate future it prevents us from expanding our work to better serve churches and individuals considering full-time gospel work.

We are, therefore, always grateful to hear from new supporters to enable us to lay a firmer foundation for our work so that we can continue and expand this vital ministry.

If you would like to be a partner in our work please consider giving financially. Even a small amount makes a big difference. We would encourage you to consider becoming a “Friend of 9:38” by giving just £9.38 per month, or more if you are able. You could also become a “Patron of 9:38”, committing to support our work with a larger sum each year. If you have any questions about supporting us financially, please email the office.

Some other ways to support us financially: