Phil's Story

Phil served as a trainee at a suburban church with between 250 and 499 members.

What part of your traineeship most encouraged you in your faith, and why?
Being exposed to Scripture day-in, day-out – whether at staff prayers, school assemblies, after school clubs, Men's Breakfast/Lunch etc. Seeing experienced Bible handlers teach people of all ages and stages and being trained by them to do likewise.

What particularly challenged you as a ministry trainee?
Being humbled by doing time- and energy-heavy jobs which many less "busy" people could have done more proficiently. Challenging but good for my heart, no less!

Would you recommend becoming a ministry trainee? If so, why?
Yes, and particularly at a church less involved in student ministry because I think it's far harder for them to get trainees. It's also far easier for trainees in non-student churches to be seen as part of the church family rather than as a slightly glorified student. Being in a non-student church has transformed my functional doctrines of Church family and Christian service no end.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out as an ministry trainee?
Pray lots. We are weak, become weary and unwise but God is strong, does not tire and is All-wise.

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