Sam's Story

Sam served as a trainee at a suburban church with over 500 members.

What part of your traineeship most encouraged you in your faith, and why?
It was a joy to see God's word take root in the lives of the young people I was teaching it to, and a privilege to have had regular time with a senior ministry trainer to sharpen and refine some of my attitudes to ministry, and shatter some sugar-coated prior ideas about the realities of ministry life!

What particularly challenged you as a ministry trainee?
My church encouraged me to take ownership of running a youth ministry without extensive direction from above, which pushed me to try to work out good practice from first principles, letting my convictions shape my practice. It was also a challenge to rejoice in practical service, seeing it as valuable even when it competed with time spent in word ministry!

Would you recommend becoming a ministry trainee? If so, why?
Yes! It is a training context where principles can be worked out and refined through practice and observation, which is invaluable for a lifetime of serving Christ, whether in ministry or church membership.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out as an ministry trainee?
Choose a church who want to invest time in training you, rather than simply benefitting from an extra pair of hands. Then during the traineeship, you focus on serving, and let them focus on training.

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