Church-based events

When it comes to raising up the next generation of gospel workers, the local church is where the real action is and where the biblical mandate is.

One part of a church's strategy for seeking out, nurturing and training gospel workers can be a local event for those interested in exploring full-time gospel ministry.

9:38 would love to see a flourishing of church-based events across the country.

These events could take many forms:

  • Weekday evening;
  • Saturday morning brunch;
  • Sunday lunch event;
  • A dozen keenly interested folk in a living room or a much larger group in a church hall;
  • A single church events or two churches in partnership or a cluster of churches working together.

The great advantages of these kind of local events are that:

  • The content can be carefully tuned to the profile of your people – whether students, young professionals, early retired or whole church.
  • The content can be carefully tuned to stage, needs and general level of understanding of gospel ministry. E.g. in some contexts a simple 'sowing the seed' exhortation to start thinking about how to use your life for God's glory might be appropriate, while in another context a group might like to look in-depth at the nature of gospel work, while in yet another context the real issue is 'how do I decide?'
  • They can be of a length, format, style and culture that fits your context.
  • They can be orientated towards the specific gospel needs in your areas and the specific outcomes you have in mind – whether a ministry apprenticeship scheme or consideration of women's ministry, eldership or pastoral ministry.
  • There is easy follow-up.
  • There is ownership of the event by the local church leadership.
  • There is a low threshold for participation – the event is on people's doorstep and likely to be low cost.

Of course there is no need for 9:38 to be directly involved in such events. We would love them to be flourishing organically and independently across the churches in many and various forms. But 9:38 is very happy to help and encourage these sort of events through:

  • Sending a speaker (the Director or another 9:38 speaker) to a church-based event;
  • Meeting with church leaders and helping them think through the format of a helpful event;
  • Providing resources from past events and advertising templates which can be modified and adapted as much as necessary;
  • a video resource (briefly presenting the big biblical vision of the nature and urgency of gospel ministry) with accompanying short study guide that church leaders could show to a gathered group and discuss.

If you would like to talk through any of these options please get in touch.