Well done for taking the plunge and doing a ministry traineeship! At 9:38, we believe that a year or two as a ministry apprentice/trainee/intern can be a brilliant opportunity to grow and to test the waters of longer-term gospel work. It's not always an easy road but it is a very worthwhile one with great privileges and joys along the way. Whether or not you decide to move directly or at a later date into full-time life-long gospel ministry, it will be a valuable time of service to Christ's church, with humbling personal growth and wonderful opportunities to speak about Jesus. 

Beginning as a ministry trainee or entering a second year?

Make sure you save the dates for the Ministry Trainee Conference 2–4 January 2020 (bookings will open soon!) We'll be gathering together for a refreshing, energising time of excellent Bible teaching, training, food and fellowship.

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In the middle of your time as a ministry trainee?

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Coming to the end of your time as a ministry trainee?

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