Gospel Clarity

There is no good talking about maximising your ‘gospel ministry’ without defining (and glorying in) the gospel we are serving and proclaiming. The gospel is the good news of God’s sacrificial gift of his Son to make hell-deserving rebels his children. It is the news of the bridegroom Son winning his bride the Church by a bloody dowry. It is the news of the King, punished in the place of his sinful people, risen victorious who now rules, gives life and will return as Judge. It is the news of the righteous dying for the unrighteous to bring us to God (1 Pet. 3:18).

If we want to maximise our gospel ministry, the best first step is to go deeper and deeper in our understanding and love of this gospel and to take every opportunity (in conversations and speaking 'up front') to be really clear about this gospel and to warmly hold out Christ crucified to fellow sinners. 

As a starting point, check out Chris Green's talks:

'Why should I become a Christian?'
'How can I know I'm a Christian?'

Going deeper in understanding the richness of the gospel will certainly mean:

  • a devotion to the Word, listening, digesting and obeying;
  • taking advantage of all the opportunities in our local churches to learn and serve;
  • and a hunger for good books full of gospel truth (check out the Good Book Company and 10ofthose).

Increasing the quality of our gospel ministry may also mean seeking out additional training through online resources, a gospel partnership ministry training course or through part-time or distance theological education.