Increase Your Gospel Ministry

If you are finding your gospel ministry is fruitful (people coming to Christ, being encouraged in Christ, and being strengthened in the gospel through your ministry); if you are being warmly encouraged by your church leaders to do more gospel ministry than you have time for; then it may well be right to explore the possibility of moving into part-time (bi-vocational) or full-time gospel work. 

If you're considering increasing the quantity of your gospel ministry, these resources may be a help to you:

Clarifying the Call (Christopher Ash)
What constitutes a call to the ministry (D. A. Carson)
How do I know I'm called? (John Stevens)
From student to starting out in gospel ministry (Charlie Butler)
Persevering in ministry – advice for the next generation (William Philip)
Gospel ministry: Is it right for me? Am I right for it? (Mark O'Donoghue)

This is not just something for young people to consider. The following two posts illustrate a couple of different pathways followed by those over forty:

From secular work to full-time ministry (Rob Bridgewater)
God isn't finished with you yet (Graham Fairbairn)

Your church leaders and wise friends can help you think through these issues. As part of that conversation, a 9:38 conference can be a great way to help you explore the nature of gospel ministry further and to talk with others at different stages of the journey. Why not join us for Maximise in January 2020?