by | 20 Mar, 2020

If you would like to advertise a vacancy, please email us.

Your email needs to include all of the following details:

  • job advert (saved as a PDF);
  • how long you wish to advertise for;
  • your logo (saved as a PNG or JPG);
  • at least one photo of members of your church/organisation;
  • relevant details about your church/organisation (e.g. location, number of members, denomination);
  • your website;
  • a contact email address.

As soon as we’ve heard from you, we’ll put your vacancy advert together and post it on the website for you. We will also advertise your vacancy on our social media feed. Adverts cost £40/month.

For advice on on how to make the most of your posting, see our resource Maximise the impact of your ministry vacancy advert.

We ask that all advertisers are in accord with our statement of faith and understanding of ministry traineeships. Please note that we are only able to advertise vacancies from churches or organisations which are based in England and Wales.We reserve the right to not advertise.