4–6 January
at High Leigh

Maximise 2022


Join us at High Leigh in January for three days of excellent Bible teaching and be both encouraged and equipped to maximise your gospel ministry in your current and future contexts.


Ask the Lord of the Harvest

to send out workers

into his harvest field.

– Matthew 9:38

Current Vacancies


Ministry trainees beyond the city

Ministry trainees beyond the city

“There are more people in Europe who have never heard the gospel than there are in Africa. Europe is the world’s forgotten mission-field. But of all Europe, surely nowhere has been neglected to the same extent as Ireland.” (Crawford Gribben, The Irish Puritans – James...

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Making the best use of the time in Christian ministry

“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” Eph. 5:15-16 (ESV UK) I grew up as a “third culture” kid, not quite fitting in with the culture of my heritage (South Indian) nor the culture of...

Revisiting Philippians 2:22

If we’re looking for biblical patterns of leadership development, let's not neglect the Paul-Timothy example in Philippians 2. It can certainly be misused but, carefully handled and applied, it has the potential to be a hugely helpful text.  Leadership development:...

Maximise Online and the future of conferences

What might be the new normal for conferences as we come out (God-willing) of Covid lockdown? Will we rush back to how things were BC? Or are there things that we’ve learnt through this time which we’ll want to retain? The first thing to say is that we’re definitely...

Blessings From A Different Kind of Conference

For the previous three years, my Januaries have followed a neat pattern. After re-excavating the 9:38 paraphernalia from its cupboard in my office, I head south to High Leigh. Three busy and encouraging days follow. Three days of catching up with old friends and...

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