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ONLINE / 6-8 Jan 2021


2021: Prayer & Word

An online conference for ministry trainees, trainers and anyone considering gospel work.
Encouraging, Resourcing, Envisioning.  Deadline for Trainee bookings 27 November!

Ask the Lord of the Harvest

to send out workers

into his harvest field.

– Matthew 9:38

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Internships in Coronavirus Times

Internships in Coronavirus Times

Ralph Cunnington is the Senior Pastor at City Church Manchester, We’ve all been learning new skills, flexing and pivoting over these past six months and it’s certainly meant changes for the way City Church runs our intern programme. Our new interns – Martin, Laura and...

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A Time To Train

Rob Mullock is Minister for Training at Christ Church Fulwood, Sheffield. Cutting through the Covid-confusion What is God doing through coronavirus? There is a bewildering array of possible answers on offer in the blogosphere. “It is nothing new!” “It is something...

Stolen Water Is Sweet

With the start of a new academic year fast approaching, many of us are beginning to set some goals. No doubt we’re praying, planning, dreaming and desiring things for the year ahead – and many of those things will be good! Big picture, I’m certainly yearning for...

Book Review: God’s Leader

What are you like at assembling flat-pack furniture? It’s not my forte, but I like to help – so I take a turn at knocking the nails in, with a fair degree of enthusiasm and a certain misplaced optimism. When the nail is halfway in, we pause. Is it straight? Mostly the...

Maximise 2020: Because People Need Jesus

This talk was originally given in the first main session of our 2020 Maximise Conference – the first in the series called 'Motives for Ministry from Matthew'. You can listen to the other four talks here. Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their...