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ONLINE / 6–8 Jan 2021

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Check out the latest openings for ministry trainees and children’s and youth workers in churches across England and Wales.


Ask the Lord of the Harvest

to send out workers

into his harvest field.

– Matthew 9:38

Current Vacancies


Maximise 2021

For the previous three years, my Januaries have followed a neat pattern. After re-excavating the 9:38 paraphernalia from its cupboard in my office, I head south to High Leigh. Three busy and encouraging days follow. Three days of catching up with old friends and...

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Meditating on Scripture 

You could argue that Psalm 1 is the original ‘two ways to live’. In it the Psalmist sets out two paths that we can take in life. One path leads ultimately to destruction, while the other leads to blessing. And blessing here isn’t just about happiness, but it’s about...

A year of surprising growth

Adriana Kerkstra reflects on 2020 as a ministry trainee: Last year in September I wrote a short blog post before starting my first year as a ministry trainee. I wrote, “There will probably be tough times and disappointments because, well, we’re on earth rather than in...

Internships in Coronavirus Times

Ralph Cunnington is the Senior Pastor at City Church Manchester, We’ve all been learning new skills, flexing and pivoting over these past six months and it’s certainly meant changes for the way City Church runs our intern programme. Our new interns – Martin, Laura and...

A Time To Train

Rob Mullock is Minister for Training at Christ Church Fulwood, Sheffield. Cutting through the Covid-confusion What is God doing through coronavirus? There is a bewildering array of possible answers on offer in the blogosphere. “It is nothing new!” “It is something...